Working within Academia

"I’ve now fondly come to think of the space and the people that work in it as a kind of ‘second home’ and ‘my people’!"

Working with Universities - The IMPACT Methodology

Almost ten years ago I found myself accidently carving a second career niche in an industry that I didn’t know anything about, the Knowledge Exchange/Tech Transfer Space! I’ve now fondly come to think of the space and the people that work in it as a kind of  ‘second home’ and ‘my people’!

Over those years, I’ve been lucky enough to teach at some of the most prestigious organisations in the world - The likes of Cambridge Uni, London Business School, LSE, Imperial, UChicago and even Ljubljana in Slovenia, as well as keynoting at international conferences within the TTO/KT sector.    

What do I do / talk about I hear you say?    

Essentially I bought together the world I love (Digital & Marketing) and mapped it to the challenges faced in the Academic space.    

In the early days, alongside Jeff Skinner (LBS) I helped TTOs/Researchers by presenting a long list of tools (many borrowed from the world of Marketing I live in) they could use to validate markets, find key players and raise awareness for their research work. Over the last ten years the set of tools has been continuously updated to reflect an ever changing digital landscape. Then in 2022 we created the IMPACT methodology - a process and set of tools that gave a neat wrapper to the work we’d done the 5 years previous.    

Here’s the marketing blurb from a recent talk I did at Cambridge University:  

“The IMPACT methodology gives you the tools to Organise and Automate, Understand your Marketplace and Audience and Find and Contact potential partners, investors or collaborators. Whether you’re looking to understand if a marketplace exists for your research or you’re at the point of commercialisation, there will be something for you in this fast-paced, engaging presentation.”  

If you work with (or are one!) Academics, Researchers or within the Tech Transfer or Knowledge Exchange space and you’d like a conversation about bringing the IMPACT methodology to your organisation, drop me an DM on LinkedIn or email and let’s chat.