5 reasons you should consider improving your LinkedIn skills

You may have seen that I’ve recently launched an online course on how to improve your LinkedIn skills. Here are a few top tips from my Masterclass.

You can find my Masterclass here:https://www.findingyourpassion.co.uk/our-online-masterclasses 

I’ve been teaching our clients how to get the most from this powerful platform for many years now. I’ve been on the platform myself since the mid 2000’s. Its the most important social media platform for my business. If you’re not a fan or simply don’t know where to start, here are a few reasons you should consider investing in yourself or your team.

1). It’s not what you know. 

You’ve heard the saying a thousand times. LinkedIn is the network that makes this come true for people who are prepared to put the time in, to build connections and work those connections to increase business. Make sure you check out the full curriculum on this link https://www.findingyourpassion.co.uk/courses/linkedin-masterclass but in particular pay attention to the lectures where I talk about how to build connections quickly and what to do when people ask you to connect with them. My best tip for lead generation is included in that section.

2). People are there to do business. 

The main reason everyone is on LinkedIn is because of business. It’s your boardroom of connections not the coffeeshop connections of Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. And if that is true then it’s the place you need to be for business. The challenge is, you can’t just expect to sign up a profile and business to flood in. It doesn’t work like that. I share quick tips throughout the course where I carry out specific processes which lead to opening opportunities, conversations and converting business.

3). Thought Leadership is the modern marketing.

It’s all well and good saying you can help people. It’s all well and good saying you’re the best in the business, but can you prove it? Social commentary and thought leadership pieces prove you know what you’re talking about. LinkedIn provides one of the best platforms to showcase this. In the course, seek out the lectures on posting updates and articles as a way of positioning yourself. This has led to thousands of pounds worth of business for my company.

4). People WILL be Googling you. 

Google has billions of searches a month conducted on it. LinkedIn is well respected and will show up in results for keywords, particularly your name. The next time someone is thinking of doing business with you they will probably google your name. If you’ve got a cracking LinkedIn profile they will find it and you’ll stand more chance of securing their business. Conversely, if your profile is out there but unloved it’s not going to paint you in the best light. The lectures I give on getting the edge with your profile are key to this one. Using rich media, creating a headline which positions you and creating a summary which is different from 90% of the rest of LinkedIn are where you should head if you want to know more.

5). There are no gatekeepers. 

I remember when I started my business (1999). The first challenge to getting to decision makers was getting past the gatekeeper. There were even strategies for this and rebuttals you practiced. It was a dark world where rejection ruled supreme. LinkedIn cuts all that out. It puts you in direct contact with the people you want to be connected to. The question is though, are you making the most from it? Are you adopting strategies that help open doors, create conversations or are you trying to sell to people straight away and cold. Oh god please don’t tell me you are one of those. There are lectures on asking for introductions, how sales navigator works and other external tools which hook up to LinkedIn to help you get to the right people.

I’ve delivered this course to everyone from students wanting to improve their employability, to sales people looking to build leads to CEO’s looking to position themselves. I’ve done this for the last five years and this course is my first opportunity to bring that to greater audience.

Ultimately I’d love to help you improve your own profile and use of this extremely powerful social platform. This course has a money back guarantee so what do you have to lose?

Signup here: https://www.findingyourpassion.co.uk/courses/linkedin-masterclass

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